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3 Palms Vacation Homes is a professional real estate management company serving homeowners of luxury properties in San Diego, CA. 3 Palms is comprised of a close group of talented property managers, led by the firm’s President and Co-Founder, Cristal Rangel. With over 10+ years experience in Entertainment travel, the firm has opened up new doors for homeowners to partner with movie studios, musical touring acts, as well as top sports athletes.  Realizing that many property management companies were lacking experience in high-end travel, 3 Palms was created. With unrivaled experience and market knowledge, 3 Palms Vacation Homes is the preeminent vacation rental group in San Diego.


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At 3 Palms Vacation Homes, we offer an exclusive luxury full-service vacation rental home management, helping investors & property owners to successfully manage their short-term & mid-term rental properties. We handle all aspects of your property’s furnishing, media & marketing, listing, and guest services. Our team will ensure that your property is well-equipped and consistently creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Our team of industry experts effectively handle every need, challenge and opportunity of the STR & MTR market. We pay close attention to the often tedious and labor-intensive aspects of running a vacation rental business, such as prompt inspections and thorough cleaning services, to make sure your property exceeds guests expectations year-round.

We also focus on identifying the most effective strategies for creating a consistent stream of income on your rental, and provide full transparency in regards to profits. Our entire staff is local and hands on ensuring you can trust that your property is in the best hands with 3 Palms Vacation Homes. 

Cristal Rangel

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Meet our Co-Founder, Cristal Rangel. Cristal has an extensive background is real estate and entertainment travel. Working with clients such as Netflix, HBO, Cirque Du Soleil, and many top musical acts. Cristal has played a key role in luxury housing for over 10 years. Seeing a need and wanting to bridge the gap between full-service luxury experience and short term rentals, Cristal & the Rangel family created 3 Palms Vacation Homes. The only luxury full concierge service vacation rental firm in San Diego, CA.

“The reason for our success is no secret. It comes down to one single principle that transcends time and culture. It’s the simple idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will forever be loyal.”

– Cristal Rangel

LUXURY property management


High-end Service for Owners & Guests

When you think about 3 Palms, we hope unparalleled luxury comes to mind. But what is luxury, really? Our answer may surprise you.

To us, true luxury is a meaningful sense of belonging. It is a dedicated focus on how people want to be treated, grounded in the genuine care you experience during your stay and defined by an abundance of humanity and generosity. This starts with our passionate team, welcoming you to be the centre of our world,  – and always with a distinctly human touch.

3 Palms Vacation Home collection is an exclusive San Diego property management company. Each property in 3 Palms Luxury Home Collection must be invited to join. We are known for top notch luxury and each home must reflect just that. Each home is hand selected by our CEO to join our collection. Our firm does not accept every home to join. Only 5% of prospective homes get approved to partner with us. 3 Palms Vacation Homes is a boutique firm which prides ourself in providing concierge style of service. By having a select number of homes in our collection, it allows for first class service. 


Our staff consists of an in-house design, marketing & social media team which will revolutionize your homes branding & identity. Every home will have monthly marketing campaigns to entice potential guests. With designers, photographers & drone engineers on staff, you can expect new monthly content for your homes marketing campaigns.


In-house Experts.

3 Palms Vacation Homes team consists on many talented experts. Learn more about our services and how we can help you with your luxury home.

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